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Why Choose Wool?

Dec 7, 2017

In colder climates or when the temperature drops, we are drawing our woollen curtains early and lighting the fires, but what are the real #benefits of #wool? - It looks great and it feels great but that is not the only reason why wool is so heavily used within the furnishings industry…

…wool is one of the more #resilient fibres available - offering #strength, performance and #versatility, it will keep you safe while presenting a whole series of benefits.

One of the main plus points of wool is that it is a #natural insulator, the fibre consists of many air pockets which provide greater insulation keeping the temperature of you and your home more regulated. Keeping your home warm and safe, wool is proven to be a naturally safe fibre - with a high water and nitrogen content, the ignition point is higher, therefore, it is naturally flame-retardant.

Wool boasts the benefit of being an easy clean #fibre, having a natural stain resistance with its waxy coating, allowing spillages to be simply wiped away before causing permanent damage. Wool is one of the most resilient fibres, with its #natural elasticity enabling products to return back to its natural shape maintaining its appearance long term.

Not only is wool good to our skin as individuals, it is also great for the #environment. A 100% natural and reliable fibre which is #renewable and #biodegradable. After use, the breakdown cycle of a woollen fibre is considerably short to that of synthetic fibres.

A planet friendly fibre that is good for the environment as well as comfortable and beneficial to the body. Wool is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, the support and hard work of both the International Wool Textile Organisation and The Campaign for Wool continue to drive the #choosewool message.